Less drama. More Performance.


Intrapersonal drama

This is the stuff that is going on in your head; the conversations you have with yourself, the self talk, the inner monologue. Sometimes you are aware of it, as you may be as you read these words. Sometimes it’s an unconscious thought process laden with bias and entrenched thinking styles. Either way,  it drives your behaviour; the quality of your intrapersonal drama impacts on the next level.

Interpersonal drama

This is the stuff that goes on between people; the conversations, the presentations, the negotiations. It is the most visible level as we can see and hear this happening in the moment. In a constructive interpersonal drama there is trust, authenticity, goodwill and accountability. When these qualities are lacking, performance suffers. This impacts on the next level.

Organisational drama

This is about the narrative of the organisation or the group; the performance of the business as it is reported to the market, the characteristics of the brand, the overall customer experience, the reputation in the community. Shaped as it is by the sum of the dramas beneath, we want this to be a never-ending story of success and fulfilment.

Drama reflects human interaction.

Looking at business through a dramatic lens reveals how individual thoughts, beliefs and behaviours create the collective performance.

It show clearly what works and what doesn’t.

Corporate Dramatist and coup Managing Director

Expertise and experience


Since 2001, we have worked with many state, national and international companies across a wide range of performance training, media production and organisational development projects.

All our work has been customised to address immediate, business specific needs and opportunities.

We believe in evidence-based development methodologies and are known for injecting intelligence, creative energy and life into any engagement we undertake. 

David McCubbin – Managing Director

Actor, dramatist, director, consultant, trainer, facilitator, MC, coach.

Annie McCubbin – Director

Actor, dramatist, trainer, facilitator and presentation coach.

David McCubbin and Annie McCubbin founded coup in 2001 as a professional and organisational development consultancy with a focus on relationship and communication skills. They have been internationally recognised as leaders in their field and have been engaged by major banks, telcos, industry associations, educational institutions, engineering firms, professional services and law firms, public utilities and resources companies to help individuals and teams to perform at higher levels of skills, alignment and cohesion.

David graduated from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1988 and worked with distinction as an actor, winning a major television industry award, before moving into writing and production. Annie ran chain of successful fashion stories before moving into television. Both began teaching performance and communication skills to adults and professionals in the late 1990’s.

What is unique and special about their work is the connections they make between modern management concepts and methodologies, the latest discoveries in neuroscience and human behaviour, and the insights, skills and disciplines of dramatic art. A major part of their practice is using drama – performed live or using film-making – to bring leadership and communication concepts to life. In doing so, David and Annie move between the roles of director, writer, editor, producer and actor. In every engagement, they seek to understand “the story” of the businesses they work with from the inside out; the culture, the unwritten rules of the game, the formal and informal hierarchies and the moments of truth – the incidences and events that set the direction for the people in the business. By viewing the corporate narrative through the dramatic lens, it is possible to trace the origins of business achievement to very specific relationship dynamics and individual capabilities. The work coup does helps define the capabilities required of leaders to create the environments in which their people and their business units perform to their optimum level. It promotes leadership accountability in a very practical action-oriented way.

Train people to perform
Active development experiences with immediate practical applications.
Produce media that delivers
Bottle the experience. Deliver it anywhere.
Stage conferences to remember
Keep people engaged by design and execution. Entertain them. Challenge them. Empower them.
Optimise your investment in Human Synergistics
Behaviour. Leadership. Culture. How it looks in your business. We bring the styles to life so people get it.

We create customised experiences that engage and move people; that provide knowledge, capability and the resources to perform.


Our engagements are successful because they are designed and developed for purpose. Yet there are some common solutions that may provide an immediate match for what your people or your organisation needs.  Review this list and let’s start a conversation.


It is all about the narrative.  To engage and move an audience emotionally, as well as rationally, tell a story. Whether it is a documentary with people sharing their perspectives, thoughts and feelings, or a drama with character, plot, and action, you will have a far greater impact if you harness the power of storytelling.   With experience gained from hundreds of corporate media production projects, the coup team will shape a narrative that will speak to your audience and stay with them, continuing to deliver your message long after the show is over.  More…

What media can do for you:-

  •  Describe and project your desired culture
  •  Demonstrate desired skills and behaviours
  •  Bring a conference theme to life
  •  Humanise e-learning
  •  Create clear context for strategic conversations
  •  Provide clarity for new employees at induction
  •  Capture internal thought leadership.

See what we’re talking about.  

Download the coup media production brief from here.


We design and deliver leadership development programs based on a firm understanding of the context in which the leader is operating and the outcomes that they, through the people they lead, are to achieve. This context keeps everyone honest and focused.

Focus areas include:-

  • Presentation coaching and direction
  • Team leadership strategies
  • Performance coaching strategies
  • Media training
  • Speechwriting
  • Making sense of Human Synergistics LSI 1 & 2.


Role-play can be an extremely effective tool for teaching, developing and assessing professional communication skills such as sales, consulting and negotiation skills. In all forms of drama there is a marked difference between good acting and bad. Chef factors that affect this are the calibre of the performer, the integrity of the script and the environment in which the performance takes place. The same can be said of professional role-play. We only provide excellent actors with a firm understanding of business concepts and language, and we work with you to ensure they are equipped with the preparation to present a credible and compelling character.  More…


How can you capture a performance plan that covers all the complexity and dynamism of modern business?  How can you define not just the capabilities and mindset required for a role, but also place them into the context in which these things combine to produce results?  The answer is a coup High Performance Playbook ®.

No professional sporting team takes the field without a game plan.  No company of actors takes the stage without a script.  No longer accept the absence of this kind of clarity in professional roles.

A High Performance Playbook ®, designed and developed in collaboration with your business owners and internal discipline owners, will provide practical benchmarks for performance and achievement.

The benefits of investing in a High Performance Playbook:-

  • People in professional roles take greater responsibility for their development
  • The business harnesses the power of people wanting to achieve mastery
  • Confidence grows.  Momentum builds
  • Performance management conversations are grounded and thus more effective
  • Inductees get up and running faster.


Consider the benefits of approaching the design of your next conference/offiste with the skills and disciplines of an experienced playwright who also happens to understand the corporate world. The conference experience itself is after all much like a theatrical event.   Why not make it memorable and impactful through the deft application of theatrical principles and practices that have been shaped over centuries?

If the event requires a facilitator or master of ceremonies to provide energy, structure and purpose, we can provide that also.

Some things to consider:-

  • Would a video sent prior to the event get people in the right headspace?
  • Is there a coherent arc of ideas and experiences?
  • Have you built in time for attendees to digest, share or respond to the content?
  • What are the priority take-away idea or actions?
  • What follow-up will maximise ROI?
  • How will you evaluate ROI?

The experiences we create answer questions.


What works to increase sales?


What works to ensure employee safety?


What works to enhance the brand?


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